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Regal World Transport System Ltd. is partnering with 商貿易服務有限公司(Go- Business) to provide trade declaration service in Hong Kong through the Ge-TS for large, medium and small enterprises.

Value-Added Service

We understand how important it is to deliver value-added solutions to our customers. Our partner initiatively builds focused alliances to help meet customer requirements in day-to-day business operations effectively and profitably. Trade declarations can be submitted electronically over the internet through our services. Please find the application form from the download page.


我們明白到增值服務可以提高客戶日常運作效率及收益,與服務夥伴的合作使我們更有效地達到這個目標。通過「 商貿易 」合作夥伴,客戶可以透過本公司利用我們的「商貿易」系統進行電子報關及會代你把紙張報關資料轉換為電子訊息,送往政府。報關申請表格可在本公司網頁下載

To request more information or any enquiry, please click here.

Contact person : Ms. Regine Chan
  (852) 2622-2331