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Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of Regal World’s strategy and we pledge to do as much as we can. We are proud to see our efforts are recognized by the society with different awards. We will continue to commit ourselves to corporate social responsibility because there is still much we can do.

Caring Company logo 2008 – 2018

Award is given to recognized companies which demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Over the years, we actively participate in volunteer service, as well as provide assistance and sponsorship to NGOs, care the employees and the environment.


Partner Employer Award 2017/18


To encourage employers to employ local tertiary institutions and graduates so that they can accumulate work experience and foster a positive working attitude. Also encourage the recruitment of people with disabilities, retrainees, rehabilitated persons, retirees and ethnic minorities to enable the community. There are people who can work with the needs of others, thus conveying the spirit of Hong Kong enterprises reflecting the spirit of caring for different communities and promoting social integration.

BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2017


In support of the national Belt and Road Initiative, the programme has set up the Belt and Road Environmental Leadership Recognition Award to recognise the outstanding performance of the enterprises implementing environmental protection measures in the related areas.

Customer Service Excellence Award for SME

HKACE organizes the Customer Service Excellence Award for SME to further promote a customer-focused culture in Hong Kong. The award recognizes excellence customer service and acknowledges outstanding performers among small and medium enterprises.

Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index

The index is compiled on the basis of information on SMEs that are recognized for their outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility. The objective is to provide indicators of the sustainable development performance of SMEs in Hong Kong, so that SMEs can learn from corporate models and actively implement corporate social responsibility.

ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme 

Award is given to organizations which have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in manpower training and development as Manpower Developers.
We are eager to give opportunities to the new generation and provide job trainings for staff.

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