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Corporate Social Responsibility

All along, "Regal World Transport System Ltd" is convinced of the importance of corporate social responsibility, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility can bring great benefits to society, the company and the public. Therefore, we are actively promoting corporate social responsibility and putting it into practice in the four areas of "customer relations", "community care", "work environment" and "environmental protection". We have implemented relevant measures in all aspects of the company, both inside and outside the company. We hope that we can contribute to the community and contribute to the community with limited resources.

Customer Relations

We understand that our customers are an important asset of our company. We are committed to providing the highest quality customer service and protecting the privacy of our customers. We also actively collect customer opinions in different ways to improve the company's deficiencies and to make our customers more satisfied.

Community Care

Over the years, We have been enthusiastic about participating in community care. Adhering to community care and cooperation with different charitable and non-profit organizations. Organizations that have worked together include Hong Kong College of Technology, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Vocational Training Council, The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong ,Caritas Hong Kong etc. We provide internships to relevant students, donate computers and equipment. It is our pleasure to receive various awards as our efforts are recognized by the public. We will continue doing our best to shoulder the social responsibility and build up good relationships with the community.

Working Place

We understand that employees are an important asset of the company and we have a responsibility to take care of the needs of our employees and to provide a good working environment and development opportunities. Therefore, we provide reasonable remuneration packages and encourage and support employees to participate in various refresher courses. We also organize regular staff gatherings, listen to their opinions and follow up.

Environmental Protection

Earth's ecological resources are very important. In order to protect the environment, we continuously save energy, implement various environmental protection measures such as energy-saving products, recycle waste and reduce paper use, plant green plants in the office, actively promote electronic documents, etc., and try our best to protect the environment. We also actively support environmental activities and continue to promote environmental awareness to our employees and customers. Ensure that the next generation still enjoys our current living environment.

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